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H o m e          P o r t f o l i o          A b o u t          C o n t a c t
Windsor Gateway   Windsor Gateway LLC commissioned MCA to design a “European style urban village” near a proposed transit center in the town of Windsor. This is a 4.79 acre project consisting of 2 sites that meet at the intersection of Old Redwood Highway and Windsor Road. This intersection is envisioned to become the northern gateway into the downtown area and will introduce a new roundabout to calm traffic as it enters the town center. Reverse angle parking, changes in paving and a landscape strip are integrated into the design to keep traffic at a slow pace and to promote a comfortable environment for pedestrians. Pedestrian movement plays a critical role in this project and the current town center; there are many features that will attract visitors on foot. Starr Creek, which was channeled in a culvert many years ago, will be re-opened as a stream restoration project.     Location: Windsor, California

    Size: 33,000 square feet of
             retail/ commercial
             109 housing units
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